Auburn High School

Community relations, brand development, profile building, media relations and communications


In January 2014, the Victorian Government launched a new coeducational secondary school called Auburn High School. Mendleson Communication partnered with the school to deliver a comprehensive communications program to facilitate a smooth transition and launch.


We needed to quickly create a strong identity, brand and awareness. The key marketing objective was to build enrolments FAST.




Government schools don’t usually market themselves beyond Open Days and school tours. This campaign developed a new approach to marketing government schools in a highly competitive environment, creating dynamic and striking branding and materials, and a high profile in the community. Creating a tailored marketing campaign for each feeder primary school paid off, as did the media relations and relationship building programs, which engaged the community grapevine in supporting the school.


Key elements of the campaign included:

  • research that allowed us to create tailored approaches to the different audiences
  • digital strategy targeting both internal and external audiences
  • regular positive media coverage in metropolitan and local media
  • regular communication to the school community
  • a range of events to get local families into the school and talking about it
  • building relationships with key contacts in community and industry
  • launch event featuring the Minister for Education, Local Mayor and MP
  • marketing to primary schools, including visits, and activities to engage students, teachers and families.




The school opened in January 2014 with 50% more Year 7 students than 2013. Already, enrolments in 2015 have increased by 70% over 2014.


We have created striking branding and high awareness, excellent relationships with key influencers and high levels of support from all key stakeholder groups.