Coffey International Limited

Profile building and media relations

Coffey International Limited provides specialist consulting and project management services in the geotechnical engineering, environmental services and international development sectors. As an ASX-listed company, it needed to raise its profile with the investment community. It also needed to raise its profile in various industry sectors.




Mendleson Communication developed a communications strategy that positioned the company within the financial services sector and investment markets. This included building the profile of the company’s capabilities in different industry sectors through media relations activities, creating strategic partnerships and developing case studies. We also developed communications that supported the company’s strong growth through acquisitions that helped them to enter new markets internationally (both geographically and in new industries).




Over a ten year period, Mendleson Communication achieved exceptional results for this client, including:

  • extensive media coverage in business, financial, investment and trade media
  • increased awareness and knowledge of the company and its activities in investor markets and industry sectors (e.g. mining, environment, infrastructure)
  • contributing to a five-fold increase in the company’s share price.