Health Super

Profile-building, communications, media relations, issues management

Health Super is a not-for-profit industry fund that services over 200,000 members in the health and community services sector. In 2009, Health Super needed to bring its public relations strategy in line with its new corporate positioning and branding, including changing the public perception of the organisation from a small industry fund to a growing financial services player. In July 2011, the fund merged with First State Super, providing further challenges in the way the organisation publicly positioned itself.




Mendleson Communication assisted Health Super to build its profile with the business and finance industry, health and community services sector, and consumers. We also provided issues management advice, media training, and communications services to the organisation, particularly in relation to its merger.

Mendleson Communication developed a strategic communications approach for the organisation, including:

  • developing newsworthy media material about superannuation for the business and finance, consumer, and health and community services media
  • positioning the company’s executives as industry experts for issues commentary in the business and finance media
  • leveraging the company’s sponsorship of events through editorial opportunities
  • creating speaking engagement opportunities for senior executives.




Health Super’s public relations program is now firmly integrated with its business and marketing activities and objectives.

Extensive media coverage has been gained across a broad range of media, reaching the organisation’s key audiences and improving its public profile. Health Super is now recognised as an industry super fund that is leading the way in superannuation in Australia.