Melbourne Water

Communications strategies for Patterson Lakes

Mendleson Communication was appointed by Melbourne Water to develop communications and engagement strategies for the Quiet Lakes and Tidal Waterways precincts of Patterson Lakes, a residential area in Melbourne’s South Eastern suburbs.

The strategy for the Quiet Lakes focused on the highly sensitive issue of water quality in the lakes, while the strategy for Tidal Waterways aimed to inform and consult residents about a three year jetty replacement program, which had been developed as a result of community concerns around ageing jetties in the waterways.




We consulted with a range of stakeholders, including community groups, local councils and state government to inform each strategy. We also researched the background and history of both issues extensively, anticipated future issues and risks (particularly for the jetty replacement program), and looked at previous communications and engagement strategies.




The strategies provided a full assessment of the situation, including critical issues and stakeholder concerns, strategy principles and key messages, and recommended a range of communications and stakeholder engagement tactics.

The strategies have been used as a basis for further consultation with the two communities and formed part of an ongoing stakeholder engagement process, which has already delivered positive results.