The best communications programs reach the
right people, at the right time in the right way.

We create communications programs that are targeted to specific situations with clear, measurable objectives. We take the time to understand how audiences wish to be communicated with, and the messages that will resonate. Our evaluation approach ensures that communication becomes more effective over time.

We have in-depth knowledge of the infrastructure, natural resources and environment sectors gained by working with corporate, government and not-for-profit organisations over the past 25 years. We are a trusted adviser to a range of Victorian state and local government organisations.

We tend to have long term relationships with our clients, partnering to build their communications programs and capabilities over years.

Department of Education and Training

Launch of Auburn High School

In December 2013, Hawksburn Secondary College was closed due to low student numbers. In January 2014, Auburn High School opened on the site. Mendleson developed and implemented the engagement and communications strategy, aiming to build local community support and student numbers fast. The new school launched with 30% increased enrolments and numbers have built over the next five years each year by over 25%. Mendleson partnered with the school from 2013-2018 to build awareness, internal and external engagement and to mentor the internal team.

Launch of Auburn High School

Residential Efficiency Scorecard Program

Developed all marketing material over two years including website, brochures, events, profile-building and video case studies for this energy efficiency program. There was a marked increase in the take-up of the program.

Residential Efficiency Scorecard Program