Department of Health

Providing stakeholder relations and secretariat services to the Food Safety Council

The Food Safety Council is a panel of experts drawn from government and industry that advises the Victorian Minister for Health on food safety issues. Mendleson Communication provided high-level stakeholder relations, communications and secretariat services to the council for five years.




Mendleson Communication performed a number of functions, including:

  • coordinating and attending meetings for the council, and providing high-quality documentation of meetings
  • conducting follow-up and liaison with various parties for activity required between meetings, including developing briefings to the minister
  • liaison with outside bodies and key industry specialists, facilitating their expert input and involvement on various levels
  • writing and coordinating the production of the annual report
  • coordinating the appointment of a new Food Safety Council and developing an induction kit
  • conducting two reviews of Food Safety Council administration and operation, including benchmarking with other relevant committees.




Mendleson Communication helped the council to function more efficiently and effectively in its advisory role, including streamlining their administration processes. We also assisted the council to build more harmonious relationships with its members and stakeholders, and improve its overall communications.