Decades of experience so you get the right solution faster.

We are highly experienced senior consultants with a track record of success across multiple industries and sectors.

We can work in-house or remotely, providing skilled resources to support your team.

We can be engaged for part of the process, or to review current processes and see how they can be improved, or to deliver your complete project.

We come from a variety of backgrounds and together offer extensive expertise in many areas of engagement, facilitation and communications, including strategy development, consultation, campaign management and implementation, data analysis and reporting.

Information about our principal Nicola Mendleson is included below.

Nicola Mendleson

Engagement and facilitation

Nicola works to engage effectively with communities and stakeholders. She has led projects at all levels of the IAP2 spectrum and is an IAP2 trainer.

Her work often involves bringing people with differing viewpoints together to listen to each other and work together in a positive way.

Nicola’s proudest achievements have been working in sensitive and complex situations, often where community outrage is present.

She has been consulting for over 25 years, across a range of industries, issues and sectors. She has worked extensively in infrastructure development, environment and natural resources delivering a range of engagement programs and facilitating community forums, workshops, advisory groups, group processes and consultations. She also facilitates team strategic planning sessions.

Her clients know her as a hands-on consultant, passionate about authentic engagement and delivering value and excellent results.

Nicola is active on the IAP2 Local Area Network and convenes a networking group for senior engagement practitioners in Melbourne.


  • Engagement strategy and projects
  • Facilitation
  • Communications
  • Design, implementation and analysis of consultation programs
  • Mentoring and training